World Wildlife Day

In celebration and remembrance of World Wildlife Day…

Wildlife is not on this planet to bear the burden of human entitlement.  Each individual’s birthright, whether wolf, prairie dog, mallard duck, elephant, blue fin tuna, whale, fox, lion, rhino, pangolin, bison, et al – is to live free and unencumbered within their own cultures and communities without human trespass.  To be truly human is to be humane and respectful.  While pondering conscience for guidance, as we have ultimate choice – we can either take our own species evolution for granted and cruelly fail and abuse our neighbors, or we can learn, accept and celebrate meaningful coexistence with them and their sublime wonder.



Wild Elephant orphan rehabilitation – how it all began

Trumpets all, 

On a new series on PBS called My Wild Affair, the opening episode features the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and the Matriarch, Dame Daphne Sheldrick…

Here are lessons learned of psychological and emotional depth through bond and intuition, trial and error, bathed in devotion and love. The inspiration of Aisha and Nona Daphne…sit back, relax, and experience hope and understanding in this loving tribute…


Daphne & Aisha

World Elephant Day, 12 August 2014

Today, we ask the World to join in honoring a fellow resident, the Elephant.

One of Nature’s most prolific teachers of humans, it is their familiar way of life and being which inspires us to recognize, understand and respect their basic right to thrive and live free of  human greed and ignorance.   They inspire empathy for their right to be because their way of relating to each other within their families and the world they are surrounded by so closely mirrors our own experiences with family and friends.  We see ourselves and can identify with how they commune with each other.  We as humans are not the only ones who feel and express devotion, grief, jealousy, negotiation, joy, team effort, altruism, fear, confusion, despair, recognition, etc.   It raises the question – How would we feel if another assumed and exerted power over us to benefit themselves?  Human entitlement takes a back seat for a moment, and the possibility to consider others begins to seep in.  For those people who have direct experience with others ripping away control of  their lives and cultures, they can attest to the pain and fear, and the rest of us absorb their experiences and learn from their histories.  From those histories, we recognize parallels of the results and ramifications that trauma causes among other cultures i.e., species.  By recognizing and honoring World Elephant Day, we hold the mirror up and see ourselves in an Elephant light – the way to become fully human, in all the ways that bring empathy, strength and cohesion to our way of living, and extending that inclusive family way to others.  We thank and honor Elephants for this valuable lesson.  So, to all the Elephants out in the world – captive, hiding, healing and mourning, we join and support you today and every day in your right to be who you are and to thrive in freedom, serenity, safety – unencumbered by human trespasses.

WEDKenCToka8.12.14  Artist – Ken Cunningham


Greetings & Salutations!

Welcome and thank you for joining me in the exploration of connection and the bridging of understanding between ourselves and non-humans.  As I become accustomed to writing in this venue, I will start with a basic but profound belief of mine that has rung true over the years:

When we accept that we feel, we are compelled to care…

I look forward to sharing experiences and insights with you…